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ProTec Anti-Friction Metal Treatment AFMT is a proprietary, extreme pressure lubricant formulated to blend with both petroleum and synthetic oils. Anti-Friction Metal Treatment is not an oil additive but a unique metal treating chemical that significantly reduces friction between moving metal parts by chemically ionizing with the metal surface. This reaction creates a one molecule thick protective barrier, providing lubrication when conventional oils break down.

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ProTec Anti-Friction Metal Treatment seals and coats the metal surfaces of engines, transmissions, bearings, and anywhere lubrication is needed. By sealing and coating, ProTec Anti-Friction Metal Treatment provides protection from friction related wear and heat, as well as protection from rust and corrosion.

Benefits of using ProTec Anti-Friction Metal Treatment:

Improves Lubrication

Reduces Friction & Drag

Lowers Operating Temperatures

Reduces Equipment Failure & Downtime

Reduces Oil Consumption

Extends Equipment Life

Extends Lubrication Intervals

Reduces Electrical Consumption

The picture above is visible proof of how ProTec Anti-Friction Metal Treatment actually penetrates, seals and coats the metal. The bearing on the left was lubricated with conventional oil and was pitted, scarred and gouged by friction. This wear occurred at only 5 pounds of pressure.

The bearing on the right was protected by the addition of ProTec AFMT to the same conventional oil and shows very minimal wear. The bearing surface is smooth with no pitting or gouging. ProTec Anti-Friction Metal Treatment provided this protection at over 35 pounds of pressure.

Anti-Friction Metal Treatment treats the metal not the oil.

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