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ProTec’s Industrial products are formulated to reduce the overall operating expense of any size machinery by providing unmatched extreme pressure lubrication, thus minimizing friction related wear. Companies such as Toyota, International Paper, Raytheon, Hitachi and many more rely on ProTec Industrial products to help reduce equipment maintenance cost, eliminate downtime, extend equipment life, and reduce electrical consumption.  ProTec Industrial products will SAVE YOUR COMPANY MONEY:

  1. Minimize Friction Related Wear and Drag

  2. Improve Equipment performance

  3. Lower equipment operating temperature

  4. Reduce equipment downtime

  5. Increase equipment life

  6. Reduce electrical consumption

Anti-Friction Metal Treatment XL-17 (AFMT)

Available in 32 ounce, 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon drum

ProTec’s Industrial Anti-Friction Metal Treatment AFMT XL-17, is a major advance in the continuing search for a superior lubricant.  Designed to blend with both petroleum and synthetic oils at a 7-10% ratio (2-3 ounces per quart of oil), ProTec’s Industrial AFMT molecularly bonds to metal surfaces by chemically ionizing with the metal, creating a protective barrier less than one molecule thick.  This reaction provides a smooth, polished, super-lubricated surface that dramatically reduces friction.  The result is a reduction in friction related wear and heat while extending equipment life.  ProTec AFMT not only improves lubrication without affecting the viscosity, its unique formula also conditions rubber seals to help prevent leakage. 

ProTec Industrial Anti-Friction Metal Treatment AFMT XL-17 will save your company money by reducing repairs and downtime, and by also reducing electrical consumption due the machinery operating more efficiently.

For industrial and commercial machinery add 7-10% Anti-Friction Metal Treatment XL-17 to petroleum or synthetic oil. 

ProTec Anti-Friction Metal Treatment will provide these benefits:

Improves Lubrication                                    Reduces Friction and Wear                   

Reduces Operating Temperatures              Reduces Equipment Failure and Downtime                           

Extends Equipment Life                               Extends Lubrication Intervals

Reduces Oil Consumption                           Reduces Electrical Consumption

AFMT Lithium Complex Extreme Pressure Grease

Available in 14 ounce cartridge, 10 cc syringe, 35 lb. pail and 400 lb. drum

ProTec’s AFMT Lithium Complex E.P. Grease is an exclusively formulated blend of the proven properties of lithium-based grease and ProTec’s AFMT. This combination provides a premium grease that is one of the finest in the manufacturing and industrial field.

ProTec AFMT Grease remains totally effective for long periods of time without any ill effects, even at high temperatures. The grease shows excellent resistance to water and also to breakdown or softening by working. There is no physical change after being heated above the melting point and then cooled.

ProTec AFMT Lithium Complex E.P. Grease will provide these benefits:

Prevents harmful wear on bearing components               Protects against corrosion

Reduces the coefficient of friction                                     Reduces equipment downtime

Typical Applications

High Temp Disc Brake      Wheel Bearings                   Roller Bearings                         Ball Bearings

Throw-out Bearings          Electric Motor Bearings        Multi-purpose Applications      High Temp Applications

XL-240 AFMT Penetrating Lubricant

Available in 13 ounce aerosol can, 32 ounce liquid, 1 gallon liquid and 5 gallon liquid

ProTec XL-240™ Extra-Strength Penetrating Lubricant is a high quality, multi-functional product that offers virtually limitless applications. XL-240 is everything from a squeak remover to an extreme pressure cutting fluid. XL-240 gained much popularity with its ability to quickly penetrate and loosen sticky mechanisms from rust and corrosion. The Anti-Friction Metal Treatment in XL-240 provides lubrication and protection unmatched by other products of this type. The performance of XL-240 is guaranteed to exceed your expectations!

Coats metal parts as it penetrates and lubricates

Loosens sticky mechanisms

Prevents rust and corrosion

Stops squeaks

Dries out wet electrical systems and circuitry with a proven water displacing ability

XL-1040 Lubricating Solvent

ProScrub Extreme Degreaser

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